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Yellow Pencil

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Official OpenText Partner
No. of Employees
11 - 20
Other Locations:
Edmonton, Vancouver
Specialists in:
Open Text Web Site Management, RQL, mobile,

Open Text Hosted Solutions

Yellow Pencil manages hosted environments for many of our customers who use the Open Text Web Solutions products (formerly RedDot). We provide Software as a Services (SAAS) and Service Level Agreeement (SLA) based delivery of CMS Foundation and Delivery Server products from Open Text, and as a Certified Partner we provide comprehensive consulting and development services.

Social Web Strategies

Yellow Pencil provides expertise in delivery of your message and your product in the online space - including traditional web, mobile devices or the social media space. While we have always put a priority on web standards, accessibility and content management, these are principles that serve the practice of great communication online. And great communication is about a concise message effectively delivered.

Our services include social media strategy, content management and web governance best practices, information architecture and visual design. We believe that the true social web is produced when technology and process are working together to let you engage in conversations with your customer.


Yellow Pencil specializes in the construction of web interfaces. Our websites are fast-loading, search engine optimized, cross-browser compatible and ready for the next generation of wireless devices. We are also specialists in Website Accessibility, ensuring that all visitors can browse your website regardless of unique visual, physical or technological conditions.

We also work with external design agencies to ensure that great ideas are executed properly in a technical environment.

Complete Solutions for the Web

We are not a design agency, we are not a development shop, we are not a user experience consultancy, we are not a social media strategy specialist, we are not an enterprise software vendor. But we have all of these within our company tucked up here in Northern Canada. And with more than 13 years experience we are both quick and comprehensive in our delivery of services to customers as demanding as the energy sector, as complex as regional government, as rigorous as health care and as results focused as online retail. 


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