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Mobile First – Mobile Inspired Editing for WSM

posted 21 07 2015 by Tim Davis

<%stf_SENSATIONAL_CLAIM_OF_FIRST_MOBILE_FIRST_INLINE_EDITING_EXPEIENCE%> It’s arrived and there have been enablement webinars (available on KC 11.2 release, Mobile Editing Deep Dive) on this new editor experience. The feedback I and others hear from demonstrations are that many feel this is a better approach for editors. Frank Steffen mentioned on the latest call the features are growing for this … Continue reading Mobile First – Mobile Inspired Editing for WSM » Read more

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Windows 2012 and Management Server 11 Installation Note

posted 10 09 2014 by Jian Huang

Even for basic installation, that is without the mobile client, prior to Management Server installation, ensure to go to Windows Server Manager, navigate to Add Roles and Features Wizard > Select Features >Features > .NET Framework 4.5 Features > WCF Services and select HTTP Activation. Select Features >Features > .NET Framework 4.5 Features > WCF Services and select HTTP Activation. Features > .NET Framework 4.5 Features > WCF Services and select HTTP Activation. .NET Framework 4.5 Features > WCF Services and select HTTP Activation. WCF Services and select HTTP Activation. [...] » Read more

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RedDot CMS Date Conversion in MS 11

posted 10 09 2014 by Jian Huang

Since COM and DCOM is going away in Management Server 11, the following RedDot date conversion code using "RDCMSAsp.RDPageData" may not work.ASP (From RQL Manual)...' From an RQL assign a value to a variableOldDate = EinObjekt("changedate" [...] » Read more

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CMS/WSM/MS won't accept a license key

posted 25 08 2014 by Jian Huang

If CMS doesn’t accept a key that is supposed to be working, you might want to update the database settings manually. Logon to the Database and navigate to Databases -> IoAdministration -> Tables -> dbo.IO_CMP IoAdministration -> Tables -> dbo.IO_CMP Tables -> dbo.IO_CMP dbo.IO_CMPRight click and choose open tableMake sure that there is t [...] » Read more

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Getting Current Management Server RedDot CMS Project Name via JavaScript

posted 03 06 2014 by Jian Huang

This is the easiest way to get current project name without complicated rendertag or preexecution. Just make sure you are already use the JQuery.js library.<script type="text/javascript"> var TheRealUIContainerPage; var ProjectLabelText; if(wind [...] » Read more

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Template won't save, especially CSS

posted 03 06 2014 by Jian Huang

The template editor is written in ASP. "Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit" is the mechanism used to transit and save the code in the template editor.  By default, ASP setting in IIS is configured to accept a maximum of 200KB.Solution: increase your "Maximum Requesting Entity Bod [...] » Read more

WSM Blossoming in the Spring

posted 27 03 2014 by Tim Davis

The leaves are coming out, the flowers are in bloom, and OpenText Web Site Management (WSM) innovations on top of a refreshed core architecture are slated to roll out or have. Find out about a pre-built HTML5 Responsive Web Design implementation for WSM: SmartTree cross-browser & new public APIs in v11.1 – yes we listen … Continue reading WSM Blossoming in the Spring » Read more

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RedDot 11.x new security settings

posted 28 02 2014 by John Allen

The new security setting implemented by OpenText in the 11.x version of RedDot are causing problems for a few people. Unless your RedDot servers are public facing (probably not in most cases) you can safely disable the cross site scripting and session checking code.Wh [...] » Read more

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Slow CMS Due to .NET Preexecution

posted 27 11 2013 by Jian Huang

If active scripting in project is configured to aspx, then a cache dll is created on the server's "Temporary ASP.NET files" folder for every SmartEdit page access, page preview and page publish.  Management Server slows down as more cache dlls are created within "Temporary ASP.NET files", eve [...] » Read more

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Using #include in a project

posted 24 10 2013 by Jian Huang

WhyThe most common need to use an include directive is to include/reuse a common piece of component of the site, such as header, footer and advertisement.Common PitfallsWhen using a media or image element in place of actual file name, the generated path contains ., which [...] » Read more

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Formatting breadcrumbs and list items

posted 13 09 2013 by Chad Killingsworth

One frustrating part of the WCMS templating system is that while an anchor can output two (or more) pieces of information (title and url), you must choose either to use the basic tag markup (standard <a> tag) or use the path and file name only option of the anchor. This presents challenges when you want […] » Read more

New RQL Queries IF and FOR in Cleaner RQL

posted 15 05 2013 by Boris Crismancich

While seeting up the cleaner job (Excleanerbur how it is called in development), I found interesting new RQL Queries. RQLCOMMAND allows if and elseif queries as well as for loops. Richt now I'm unsure, whether this is limited to projects, language variants and project variants, or if this can be... [...] » Read more

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Evolution of RQL and Management Server Plugins

posted 09 05 2013 by Jian Huang

In the BeginningThere was COM using VB, but susceptible to server timeout in large operations and cannot cancel the server side operation once it has started.Set objIO = CreateObject("RDCMSASP.RdPageData")objIO.XmlServerClassName = " [...] » Read more

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List versus Container Best Practices

posted 08 05 2013 by Jian Huang

There has been many confusions over when to use a list element or a container element. For Example, I want to have a slider module on my home page.The flexslider has the fo [...] » Read more

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Blockmark Usages

posted 02 04 2013 by Jian Huang

I hope the following blockmark usage examples would help clarify the many blockmarks and associated usages. <!-- do not need conditional, no output if empty --><%stf_teaser%><!IoRangeConditional><div class="orange" [...] » Read more

Custom render tags API documentation finished

posted 13 03 2013 by Dennis Reil

The documentation of the custom render tags API has been finished in the OpenText developer network community. You can have a look here: documentation now contains details step by step samples for Cus [...] » Read more

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Tiny C# Facebook Batch Request Connector

posted 08 03 2013 by Jian Huang

WhyRecently, I have had the great joy of working on some Facebook events integration. The issue was that the requests were sent one at a time. Facebook batch request was the answer. The existing code base is C#. I can use the popular C# Facebook SDK at  » Read more

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Management Server 11 with MSSQL 2008 Installation Checklist

posted 19 02 2013 by Jian Huang

Here is a simple checklist for Management Server 11 installation with MSSQL 2008. Note that this checklist prepares the system for Management Server installation using local MSSQL accounts. » Read more

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Management Server 10.1 with MSSQL 2008 Installation Checklist

posted 18 02 2013 by Jian Huang

Here is a simple checklist for Management Server 10.1 installation with MSSQL 2005/2008. Note that this checklist prepares the system for Management Server installation using local MSSQL accounts. » Read more

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HTML5 in Management Server 9, 10, and 11

posted 11 02 2013 by Jian Huang

Just want to share a proof of concept project (proof that Management Server supports HTML5) I did based on Smashingmagzine's HTML5.I wrote this project a few years b [...] » Read more

Finished first examples on custom render spots and provider

posted 06 02 2013 by Dennis Reil

The custom render tags API documentation now contains the first two getting started examples for implementing a custom render spot and a custom object loader. These two examples show how to build a simple syntax for accessing global constant values like the text resources in the Best Practices Proj [...] » Read more

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Foreach Rendertag in Text Array Processing

posted 31 01 2013 by Jian Huang

<reddot:cms><foreach itemname="ArrayItem" object="Escape:Text(Test1,Test2).Split(Escape:Text(,))"> <htmltext> <h2><%!! Store:ArrayItem !!%></h2> </htmltext></foreach> » Read more

Globalized Personali(z|s)ation – Baked in goodness

posted 29 01 2013 by Tim Davis

I’m going to assume you  have an understanding of traditional WCM Deployment Patterns and recognize that the core that all OpenText Web Site Management(RedDot) is a baking machine. When OpenText WSM publishes it renders the approved final version of the content out statically to a location. That doesn’t mean its WCM journey is done. I’m about to … Continue reading Globalized Personali(z|s)ation – Baked in goodness » Read more

Custom RenderTag Documentation

posted 15 01 2013 by Dennis Reil

I just started writing additional Custom RenderTag documentation that will be part of the Web Site Management Community in the OpenText Knowledge Center. In addition to the documentation that is already part of the RQL docu [...] » Read more

Responsive Web Site Management

posted 15 01 2013 by Tim Davis

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a term bouncing around marketing and web teams. I’m going to assume you’ve read some articles or good books on the topic. Where it hasn’t been heard of yet I’ve injected it into the mind share of a few organizations. Why is this important? The ability to deliver to multiple … Continue reading Responsive Web Site Management » Read more

Implement your own media element integration

posted 14 01 2013 by Dennis Reil

I finished the documentation on our MediaElement repository integration in Web Site Management 11 SP1. It can be found in the Web Site Management Community within the OpenText Knowledge Center. It's a wiki and is [...] » Read more

Zombie Undead?

posted 10 01 2013 by Tim Davis

Note: This is a personal perspective, not the official response from OpenText Corporation. Am I part of the Zombie Apocalypse? Tony is right he blogs about this product (OpenText Web Site Management, formerly RedDot CMS & LiveServer) at least once every few years (no news). He self-professed fell out of love in 2007 and has gone … Continue reading Zombie Undead? » Read more

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Content Import Manager (CIM) in Management Server 11

posted 10 12 2012 by Jian Huang

In Management Server 11, after importing and activating Content Import Manager (CIM) and attempting to run it from the project node, one would get error 500.Is CIM broken in Management Server 11?  I thought so until support pointed me to "OpenText Web Site Management Content Imp [...] » Read more

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Remove embedded Opentext/RedDot comment from HEAD

posted 06 12 2012 by Jian Huang

<he<!IoRangeNoRedDotMode><!/IoRangeNoRedDotMode>ad> [...] » Read more

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OpenText enhancements with the rdQuery Framework – Finally RedDot CMS with less clicks!

posted 25 10 2012 by Markus Giesen

I have been enhancing RedDot projects using custom scripts for over 8 years now. A lot of RedDot CMS developers have a great understanding of Javascript and CSS. So here’s my nifty little gift for you. Download Fork the entire plugin including demo… » Read more

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