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The Community Building the Platform

There are many talented companies and individuals within this community who have many products and skills that can help us improve this platform.  Some have already stepped forward to help and this page is a note of thanks to them.

This page is also a call to action for further support from within the community.  A number of features are listed here but if you feel you or your company has something to contribute and can gain in return through the increased exposure through the platform, then we would love to hear from you so please contact us through the feedback form.

Company/Person  Feature  Description 
UI  After an initial design engagement, Reactive have contributed signifcant effort during the evolution of the platform to maintain a high quality engaging design for the site. 
Forum Netmedia provided the forum feature to the platform, which has allowed us all to collaborate and discuss topics and issues.
Guidance  Markus has long been a leader within the Web Site Management community with his "Unofficial RedDot CMS Blog" and was instrumental with guidance and advice for getting Solution Exchange off the ground.  He continues to play a selfless role, which maintains his status as a well respected and trusted member of the community.
SEO Panel Kim is a long term Web Site Management developer with a wealth of experience. Not only has he provided the SEO Panel, which can be seen in SmartEdit within the Solution Exchange project but he has also provided valuable input for behind the scenes scripts along with great advice.
Project Build Guidance Boris is a former employee of RedDot with a wealth of experience that he willingly shares.  Early on, Boris dedicated time to help guide on some best practices for the project build of Solution Exchange.
RQL Wrapper John is a great example of a community contributer.  His contribution to Solution Exchange has been indirect through others use of his RustyLogic RQL Wrapper.  John works for a Web Site Management customer.
Universal Messenger Planned: Pinuts have stepped forward to offer the use of the Universal Messenger for the sending of newsletters to the community.
Migration Accelerator Planned: The Migration Accelerator helps manage features between environments. For the Solution Exchange, this will help promote features from development to production.


About Solution Exchange

This is the Solution Exchange. At this point in time, this platform is focused on the community surrounding the OpenText Web Site Management products, formerly known as RedDot. » Find out more

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