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by Hilmar Bunjes

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Welcome to SmartAPI, the free .NET RQL library for OpenText WSM Management Server (RedDot CMS)!

SmartAPI is the extension of SmartEdit and SmartTree in regard of developing. Where SmartEdit allows you to edit conveniently and SmartTree makes administration in your browser possible, SmartAPI creates a comfortable programming interface for the OpenText WSM Management Server.

The complete library is written in C# / .NET and can be used from within the CMS as plugin or from an external .NET (web) application. As .NET is being used there is no break in the technology you use and the application can be hosted directly in your Windows Server in the IIS. You do not need any other hardware or server installed.

The goal of SmartAPI is to provide a comfortable, fully object-oriented and well-tested library for all developers and users of OpenText WSM. There is no expensive in-house development necessary but you can choose a ready-to-use library that just works.

Our motivation

A lot of our customers have developed there own solution to use the RQL interface by using PHP, Java, and .NET applications and libraries. Those applications are developed among their daily business and sometimes lacks of a good concept as well as testing.

Internally, we at erminas have developed a fully object-oriented library for the Management Server the solves these issues. We are using this library for internal projects, our products as well as for our customers. We decided to release this library to give more developers and companies the chance to take advantage of such a library.

SmartAPI can be downloaded and used free of charge as it is licensed as GPLv3. You can develop your own application using SmartAPI and distribute them as long as they are licensed as GPLv3 as well. If you do not want to distribute your own source code there is also a commercial license that you can find at License. We are happy to welcome other developers to join us developing this libary, you can find more information at Contribute.

Last update:
Wed, 02 Jul 2014
, Management Server 10, Management Server 10.1, Management Server 11, Management Server 9, RedDot CMS 7.5 
Contact person:
Hilmar Bunjes 
Contact e-mail: 
Contact phone:
+49 441 249 287-11 
License name:
GPL or commercial

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