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This is a "beta" release of a community Ideas feature. The goal here is to allow you and your peers to circulate ideas and receive feedback upon them.  It is important to note that this does not replace the formal Feature Request and Support processes but it does compliment them.

OpenText WSM Product Management have the ability to accept an idea, which indicates that the idea is something OpenText is willing to invest in and add to a future release of the product.

At this point in time, OpenText provides no indication of when an accepted idea will be implemented but we will evolve this feature and the platform in general to provide more transparency over time.

As always, please provide your constructive feedback or join the open discussion within the forum.

 Responses Last update  Votes  
Allow whole "web pages" to be submitted to wf/released maybe even deleted?

by Morgan Ritchings

8 07 May 2013
by Tim Davis
Deleting pages in SmartEdit: Navigate to parentpage instead of showing error message

by Tobias Blum

2 20 Apr 2012
by Tobias Blum
Allow Access to Page META (Info) Elements via Render Tags

by Wojtek Tomalik

6 25 Aug 2014
by Frank Steffen
Page Order and Navigation Order should be the same

by Joel Kinzel

3 06 Aug 2012
by Alfred Welzhofer
Asset Manager - 2 - deep subfolders

by Christoph Straßer

4 27 Jan 2012
by Joel Kinzel
Connect Pages to List/Container via Saved Search

by Wojtek Tomalik

7 19 Jun 2013
by Tim Davis
Solution Idea: Visual Studio Integration

by Richard Hauer

9 27 Jan 2012
by Danny Baggs
New code editors please!

by Joel Kinzel

2 25 Aug 2014
by Frank Steffen
Rendertag API - Internals Access

by Tim Davis

4 20 Jun 2013
by Christoph Straßer
Render Spots Enhancement

by Arkadiusz Gruszowski

1 25 Aug 2014
by Frank Steffen
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