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Enhance user management in delivery server by showing the number of found users and possibility to delete them

by Tobias Blum ·

Ever tried to search for a number of users in delivery server?

The search features are quite sufficient, but you can't see how many users your search returned, so you have to count them manually to check if the result is OK. A time-consuming task especially when there are many result pages.

Additionally, there is no possibility to delete a user from the result view. This would help a lot when you're dealing with a large user database.

Best regards, Tobias

Dear Frank,

deleting a filtered list of users seems to work fine since version 10.1 SP2 or so.

But getting the number of users in a group is still a pain. We have to use the report-dynament or export the users as XML and count the number of objects there. It would be great to have this information back in the interface.

Best regards

Hi Tobias,

I just checkedhe latest versin, but deleting the list of users of a search works fin. We mus ae implemented this in the meantime.

Stil, we don't show the number of entries found. Will follow up on this.


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