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CTW - Admin Bundle

by Bernd Braun

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This administration bundle consists of plugins that will make your life as an OTWSM administrator much easier and will streamline usual administration tasks by dramatically reducing the number of clicks or providing functionalities currently not available in OTWSM. All these plugins are results from many OTWSM projects and have proved their quality and usefulness. You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

CTW - Assign User
Do you ever had a page in draft mode, the editor is not available and someone else should edit the page? This plugin allows you to easily assign another user to a page in draft mode with only 2 clicks. Furthermore the plugin shows you who is currently editing the page with one simple click right from the location in SmartTree where the page lives.

CTW - Inherit Reference
Websites are dynamic projects and changes are usually on the top of the agenda. Pages based on content classes perfectly reflect code changes but there are changes that will not affect existing pages.

If you add a new structure element into a content class and you pre-assign a reference this assignment will not be inherited to existing pages! But who goes through all these existing pages to do the assignment? That's for sure something that has to be automated.

This plugin does exactly that. Just highlight your structure element in SmartTree and click on “CTW – Inherit Reference” to inherit the reference to all existing instances. You can skip pages with elements that already have a reference assigned or pages with sub pages.

CTW – Inherit Workflow
Similar to "Inherit Reference" this plugin allows you to inherit assigned workflows in your content classes to all existing page instances. You can of course define in which language variants the inheritance should take place. Another big time saver!

CTW – User in Group
Working with users and groups in OTWSM works not always as desired, requires much more clicks than necessary and often don't provide the expected information in its dialogs. Furthermore you always have to switch into the Server Manager to work with them.

This plugin shows you the group members right from within SmartTree. You can even add and remove group members from within the same dialog. Quick and easy without the need to switch into the Server Manager!

CTW – Search by GUID
"3EF851D21B0B41639814A9..." Hm... GUID ... ? Sooner or later you will stumble on GUIDs. But how can you find out what a GUID is representing in OTWSM? Could be a project, content class, page, element, everything.

This plugins gives you comprehensive information about the searched object and displays it in SmartTree if desired.

All plugins are easy to install and are ready to use within a few minutes. They provide an online help that describes how to use them.

Available user interface languages: English, German, French

Just send an email to if you are interested in this bundle or if you have a need for a custom plugin.

Last update:
Mon, 11 Mar 2013
Management Server 10, Management Server 10.1, Management Server 11, Management Server 9 
Contact person:
Bernd Braun 
Contact e-mail: 

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