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Why Auto Translation?

Within a talented, global community, it is sometimes a challenge to get all contributors to use a common language such as english.  The reasons may vary from one person's comfort with conversing in a foreign language to simply aggregating content originally intended for a specific audience or country.  This challenge will become more dominant with the growth of Social Media and specifically User Generated Content.

Of course, User Generated Content has been around for a while now and you could argue that all content is sort of 'User Generated'.  However, here within the Solution Exchange, we have different groups of people across the world who have the potential to contribute their external content into the platform.  Currently, this can be in the form of blog posts or Tweets.

Rather than constain that particular segment of the audience, it would be much better to facilitate a level of comprehension across the community, which is why we have decided to provide some automated translation controls via the use of the Google Language API.

The intention here is not to provide perfect translation (as the automated approach is far away from this) but rather allow those who do not understand a given language to have that body of text auto-translated so that they can better understand the context.

This feature will become more important as we roll out Forum functionality but for now, the auto-translation is limited to the summaries in the Community Feed and the Tweets in the Tweet Exchange sections.

As always, give the feature a try and provide us your thoughts through the feedback form.

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