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Enthink's SmartCal

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by Enthink

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SmartCal is an exciting calendar tool that works in conjunction with Open Text Web Solutions Web Site Management (formerly RedDot). With SmartCal you can easily create interactive calendar views and listings which target event information based on various criteria, such as multiple calendar groupings, event-types and date ranges. In addition, these powerful and engaging calendars and listings can easily be added to your existing pages - just like any other CMS content - making SmartCal a powerful, brand-flexible toolset for managing and promoting events and other online content.

"SmartCal is a powerful tool for planning and promoting dates, events, schedules, campaigns and programs that are important across various business units and departments. Tightly integrated with Open Text WSM, SmartCal allows organizations to easily leverage and apply workflow, authorizations, tagging etc. within CMS. SmartCal allows organizations the ability to build a custom calendar without building a custom application." said Michael Martyn, President of Enthink.

For more information and pricing please contact Enthink at 780-455-4515 or email

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Fri, 02 Aug 2013
Management Server 10, Management Server 11, Management Server 9, RedDot CMS 7.5 
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