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Prebuilt Responsive Web Design

by Tim Davis

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Are you considering a redesign to better support mobile devices? Do you need to launch a number of micro-sites? Do you want to start a new project in record time and need to scale to tens of thousands of pages with less than 5 days until content entry needs to start?

OpenText Professional Services has developed a prebuilt Responsive Web Design based on Twitter Bootstrap. This contains samples for best practices in navigation, site structure, and template design. This solution also contains several common content class types including tabs (with stateful editing enhancement), accordions, photo gallery, filmstrip, video, news articles, events listings, and jQuery Full Calendar Event Calendar. Reskinning it can be as easy as buying a Bootstrap design from existing communities or a few days of professional services with OpenText's Creative Services. 

This solution is available for purchase from OpenText, in North America contact your account executive to purchase ask for pricing referencing:

P-RDT-RWDPROJ (Web Site Management Responsive Web Design Pre-Built Project for WSM )

In other regions contact your OpenText Professional Services team.

v 1.0
Last update:
Tue, 07 May 2013
Management Server 10.1, Management Server 11, WSM Management Server 
Contact person:
OpenText Professional Services 
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